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Gertner Mandel LLC, is dedicated to providing business owners, graphic artists, commercial design specialists, software developers, marketing and advertising professionals, authors, artists and musicians with guidance and advice on obtaining, registering and maintaining copyrights, negotiating their sale and litigating infringement. With many years of combined experience, our copyright attorneys offer representation to clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects original works that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. This includes graphic designs used in commercial products, such as wallpaper and carpet designs, advertising and promotional materials for any type of business, as well as literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works, such as written books, films, songs, architecture, and even computer software. The author of an original work obtains a copyright from the moment the work is fixed in a tangible medium. The exception to this is works made for hire, which are owned by an employer or commissioning party.

Copyright owners may transfer or sell all or part of their rights in a work. Typically, copyright owners benefit by selling their rights to publication and/or distribution. A New Jersey copyright lawyer from Gertner Mandel LLC can help you negotiate a profitable contract for the sale of these and other rights.

Maintaining and protecting your copyright

Our New Jersey copyright lawyers can help you maintain and protect your copyright from infringement by registering your copyright. Like trademarks, copyright owners benefit greatly from registering their works. Registration establishes ownership and is required for an infringement suit to be filed. Our intellectual property lawyers in New Jersey have extensive experience handling copyright infringements, including litigation in federal court to protect the copyrights of clients against infringement, and defending clients against claims of infringement by other overzealous copyright owners.

Copyrights and computers

Copyright protection of computer software is complex and rife with infringement controversies over such issues as backing up, burning CDs, downloading or peer-to-peer (P2P) networking and reverse engineering. A knowledgeable New Jersey copyright attorney can help you understand your rights and protect your copyright from infringement.

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