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Our New Jersey intellectual property attorneys provide knowledgeable advice and representation to businesses, corporations, individuals, and fellow law firms with legal matters involving:

  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Internet law
  • Software copyright
  • Licensing issues
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Trademark, copyright and patent prosecution
  • Trade secrets
  • Trade dress

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The ownership of intellectual property also brings with it the need for negotiating licenses, assignments of intellectual property to outside companies, franchising agreements and other contractual arrangements for which our firm is particularly well-suited. Our intellectual property lawyers provide all of these services with the requisite technical acumen and attention to detail. Our Intellectual Property Group has earned a reputation for excellence in this field, and our attorneys are ready to put their knowledge and skill to work for you today.

Protecting your rights is our top priority

Our firm places a premium on protecting our clients' rights. Many of our clients have spent years developing a product or identity that makes them recognizable to the public. However, competitors often attempt to exploit our clients' hard work by using their intellectual property (IP) to earn money. Each intellectual property lawyer at the firm has extensive experience helping our clients protect their rights in cases involving intellectual property infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. We also help clients defend themselves against claims of infringement brought against them by other companies and competitors.

Individuals, whether notable public personalities or not, also have rights that require protection. Our IP lawyers help clients file right to publicity and invasion of privacy claims against parties who illegally use our client's image or likeness to earn a profit or to damage our client's reputation. Larry Mandel is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association's Privacy Law Committee, and he is fully equipped to help you protect your rights.

Trademark Legal Services

Our trademark attorneys represent clients to perform trademark searches to ensure that their mark or something similar is not already in existence. They also represent clients for trademark prosecution and litigation. For more information on how a trademark attorney can assist your business, visit our Trademark page or contact us.

Copyright Legal Services

Copyright protection extends to any original work that is fixed in a tangible medium of expression. For example, books receive copyright protection because the writer expresses original thoughts (the content) that are written on paper, which serves as their medium for distribution to the masses. This form of protection extends to cover such things as computer software, music, product designs, advertising and marketing materials, and much more. These products receive protection upon creation, but much like trademarks, registration can serve as powerful evidence of your ownership of the material. Our copyright lawyers can help you prosecute applications for registration of your material with the Library of Congress.

Similar to trademarks, copyrights can be infringed upon by fellow authors or musicians who fail to ask permission to copy your work. The firm has extensive experience handling copyright litigation on behalf of our clients, whether they are asserting their rights or defending them against others who seek to extend rights beyond what may be allowed under law, and are familiar with navigating the legal process in federal court. For more information, visit our Copyrights page.

Patent Legal Services

Patents are granted by the federal government for products, processes and business methods that are new, useful and non-obvious. Patents prevent others from making, using or selling products that are within the scope of the patent. At Gertner Mandel, we help clients prosecute applications for patents and defend their rights in patent litigation. Each IP attorney at the firm also has extensive experience helping clients sell and license their patents to outside companies, and defend their rights in patent infringement cases. Whatever your patent needs may be, a New Jersey patent lawyer at Gertner Mandel LLC has the experience and skill to handle your claim. For more information, visit our Patents page.

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