Intellectual Property Legal Services

Intellectual Property Strategy & Counseling

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Because we focus exclusively on Intellectual Property law, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to provide counseling on the full spectrum of IP services; trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, mergers, acquisitions, marketing and advertising. Services include research, applications submission, enforcement, litigation and more.


For entrepreneurs we provide the mentoring and legal counsel needed to protect the newly created intellectual property. Whether it is a new product idea, an initial business plan, a pitch for investors, or the preparation needed for a successful exit, intellectual property (IP) protection is an increasingly important issue for every start-up.

Business Growth

Our Intellectual Property legal services will help support your business growth with a strong intellectual property foundation.

IP Solutions for Diverse Industries

Members of our IP attorneys understand the businesses, artistic, manufacturing, educational, science and technology industries and have worked closely with inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and regulators. Your IP team will consist of the lawyers who are best suited to your case's particular needs, through their backgrounds and their experience with your particular legal issue.

IP Support Services for Law Firms

Law firms can mitigate risk by obtaining specialized intellectual property skills from an Intellectual Property Practice Group.

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