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Sales & Marketing

Intellectual Property Sales and Marketing Legal Services

Intellectual property attorneys can counsel your company on how to protect your IP in your marketing campaigns and sales processes. They will help you avoid liability and infringement, identify infringement, and support or defend you in litigation. Businesses with questions about the legal side of branding, sales, and marketing should contact our intellectual property attorneys to find out how to protect their IP, what they can legally say about a competitor in comparative advertising, and infringement.

Protect, Counsel, and Litigation

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property in branding, sales, marketing, and advertising
  • Legal counsel for comparative advertising
  • Litigation; challenging or being challenged on IP infringement

Intellectual Property Sales

There are various aspects of the sales process that can utilize the services of IP lawyers. For those looking to purchase IP, the due diligence process is highly recommended - there are many factors such as pending litigation that you should be aware of before completing the sales transaction.

For those businesses looking to sell IP, our attorneys can draft and assist with sales agreement and the smooth transition of the intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Marketing

Our IP lawyers help develop intellectual property marketing strategies to protect your intellectual property rights. Marketing includes contests, promotions, advertisements, and claims substantiation.

Legal representation may be required for the drafting and negotiating marketing contracts. Should there be a dispute or infringement, our attorneys have represented clients in disputes involving claims of unfair competition, violations unfair business practices, and acts of infringement.

Service Area and Industries Served

Our intellectual property lawyers have experience in the branding, sales, marketing and advertising of many different industries: cosmetics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biological technologies, real estate, construction, restaurants, food and drink, computer software, hardware, and accessories. Based out the tri-state are of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania - they have worked with small business and large corporations throughout the United States.


Contact our attorneys to find out how we can help with Intellectual Property Marketing and IP Sales.

Sales & Marketing IP

  • Protect IP
  • Counsel
  • Litigation

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