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Steve McQueen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Paula Abdul and many other celebrities have patents on things like bucket seats to baby wipe & cell phone holders.

The patent truth, did you know…

that many celebrities hold patents.

celebrity patents

Steve McQueen holds patent D219584 on a bucket seat for a car. It is common knowledge to people of my vintage that during his life, McQueen was a race car enthusiast and driver; Jamie Lee Curtis holds a utility patent for a disposable diaper with a waterproof pocket that holds baby wipes. The word is that she refuses to license it, does that make her a patent troll…. it most certainly makes her a non-practicing entity (person); and last but not least, Paula Abdul patented a “dynamic microphone support apparatus” which takes the form of a concave base filled with concrete with a rod member (microphone stand) sticking out. Apparently, the user stands on the base and shifts her weight in one direction or another and the apparatus responds…. sounds dangerous.

SOURCE: Mental Floss


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